How do I get rid of my other verifications

the thing is my computer keeps on rebooting and thing have been going wrong so I have to get my wallet varified every time and it says that I exceeded my limit how do I fix this cause this is my same computer and I been trying to get this fixxed for a long time

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to recover those four wallet allotments, although the devs are working on a solution. Gemini will be available soon (as early as next month), but I recommend you resolve the issues that are causing you to have to reinstall your OS before you try to link your Brave Rewards so that you don’t run into the same issue with Gemini.

the problem is it happens cause my computer crashes

I’m sorry that’s happening. I would wait to enable Brave Rewards until after you fix whatever is causing your computer to crash and requiring you to reinstall your OS.

when PC power off, Brave Browser have a error, I think a big errror, wallet become not creat yet, anh Admin not fix yet

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