What to do if I crossed my 4 wallet limit

I want to know that if I crossed my 4 wallet limit of linking brave wallet then what am I supposed to do?

I also wanna know if I had my wallet connected to gemini then I resented my brave wallet.does my old wallet which I resented also remain connected to gemini.

Also if my wallet was connected to gemini I myself logout out.then if I connect again will it be added as a new wallet in gemini and consume my space of 4 limit wallet.

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Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

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I wanna ask something?

I want to confirm that if my 4 wallet limit is exhausted because the wallet through which I was connected I loged it out on 2nd Jan.

Disconnecting/reconnecting the same wallet does not take up a slot — a slot is only take for a new device/wallet ID.

You’ll know that you’ve hit the limit if you go to verify a wallet and receive the Maximum number of devices reached error.

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Okay thank you but can I know that I resented my brave wallet once and that was connected to gemini at that time and created a new one and connected it. Does it mean my previous wallet is also connected?

Could you please also let me know if my wallet is flagged or is there any problem with my wallet?

hey there @Mattches thank you for your help but i wanna know is my wallet flagged cause i am not getting any reward for ads