How do I delete profiles in the Brave browser?

Sorry if I ask a question maybe already asked but, I do not speak English. I use Google translation to write. I would like to know how to delete profiles in the brave browser please?


I’m AFK, but I hope the steps below is the correct one.

  • Click the profile icon (upper right, next to Main menu)
  • Manage profile. It’ll open the Profile manager.
  • Hover the mouse to the selected profile. There dots menu will appears at the upper right of profile selected.
  • There you’ll find the delete option.
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What I don’t understand is that I don’t have the option of delete in the management of the profiles, even while passing the mouse on the profile. I’m sending you a screenshot to show you.

(Attachment Capture 2.bmp is missing)

(Attachment Capture.bmp is missing)

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Sorry for the attachments that isn’t allowed, I didn’t know. I am new to this community. I try again in jpg

They’re kind of hard to see, but there are menu icons on the top-right of each profile image:


Thank you so much my friend. Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. I was about to delete the browser and then reinstall it for to get rid of accidentally created profiles.

I have a second question. I really like to navigate in real time priority mode but to do this, I must always go to the task manager to increase the priority of the browser since by default, the priority is normal; I always increase in real time. Is there any way to get the browser to have this permanent priority as, even if I close the browser? I wish that when I open it again it could increase the priority by itself in real time. Is it possible? Thank you for your reply.

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I just created a new profile and I can’t find an option to delete it when hovering as you suggested. I can’t find any additional info on how to delete it either. :thinking:

Edit: OK, @Saan and I cross-posted and I see the solution, Kind of hard to see? I would never have found it without your graphic. @Matches, please, this needs to be addressed because that Profile UI is impossible to see and needs big-time improvement.

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Ok! Matches helped me delete the profiles. Thank you so much!