Why can't I delete a profile in the browser? Sync still down?

I accidentally created 3 profiles in the Brave browser and when I go online people keep saying if you click it and press “manage profiles” then “delete” it’ll delete two of the three profiles I didn’t mean to make (all I did was press a button) but there’s no option anywhere at all saying “manage profiles” when I click the profile circles in the top right corner of the browser and there’s absolutely nothing that lets me do it in the settings anywhere either… How do I fix this why is it not letting me have the option to delete profiles I don’t want…?

Also, what’s going on with Sync, it still doesn’t work with Desktop? I just set everything up for Brave to find out these two issues which are major problems. Extremely aggravating.

Hi welcome to the Brave community @Austin3

PR 01

PR 02

PR 03

Brave Sync has been temporarily disabled.(due to a bug)

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