How do I block a website element using a rule in the browser?

I hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can help me out.

There are some annoying things on a website I visit frequently that I would like to block. They are Twitter or Facebook share buttons that get blocked when I have Ublock Origin on, but appear when I turn it off.

So I looked at which filterlist was blocking them (Fanboy’s Annoyance) and tried to copy and paste the rule into Brave:


and things like that. But they don’t end up getting blocked.

Any idea what I can do?

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Hello @Sluggo

the fanboy’s can be activated go to brave://adblock/ and check it

also check this for rule

I’m subscribed to the Fanboy’s list but it doesn’t block these Facebook and Twitter buttons unless I have Ublock Origin turned on.

go to brave://settings/socialBlocking and uncheck all social network

if did not help could you share a link so i can test it

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Sorry, the website is

With Ublock Origin turned on, those circled items are blocked. With it turned off they appear, even if I’m subscribed to Fanboys within Brave.

So I copied the rules from Fanboy’s list:


And pasted them in Brave’s adblock but they still won’t disappear.

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Just want to find out if this Help Center topic is about the same thing. It relates to me, but I am frequently wrong about this sort of thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure. I can’t figure it out using the inspector. If anyone can figure out how to block these things that would be a great help.

If you right click on the page, it is in the sub-menu. Brave → Block element


Did you try that on the page I gave? It doesn’t work.

let me ask @fanboynz to help you with that
as the element already inside an iframe so not sure how we handle it

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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I didn’t, but I’ve tried it on other pages and it works. I just want to know if this is the same function as @justsomeone1 is talking about without using the article. Just seems easier (if it worked).

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Thanks. Hopefully he’ll reply.

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it does not work with all use case try to do it with the link he mentioned and you will see a funny behavior of the mouse to select it and it actually select the iframe element which those button part of it


Thanks for looking. For some reason it does all sorts of weird highlighting on the page. I think because those buttons are buried inside of something else. Hopefully they can do this for me. I’d like to use Brave alone without Ublock and that’s one of my most visited sites.

I see what you mean. A nightmare. Not doable.

I think so too! See above for additional comments. lol

I just don’t have the heart at this time to learn any programming, scripts, commands, or whatever else you call this type thing. I see those special characters and strings of information and my brain shuts down and my head starts to hurt! Iol

I like that block element tool and find it easy to use. I just wish it worked in all cases! I actually like using the filters, so this isn’t a problem for me. I hope a solution or workaround can be found for you!


Is @fanboynz still active? I’d like to do this as well on some other websites.

it’s sunday so it’s weekend so give it sometime

To be fair, I posted this question a month ago and he replied once and never got back…

hope you get the answer soon :slight_smile:

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