How to clear CSS rules for a website?

On, where I practice speed typing, I have blocked statistics which I would like to unblock now. However, I cannot find anywhere the option to clear the filters for the website and return the element. Although it is possible to remove those filters manually with “Manage custom filters” from the context menu, most of them are lines of code that I don’t understand. So, trying on my own isn’t an option here, or I’ll likely mess up something.

I’ve searched through the context menu, browser settings, forum but couldn’t find anything.

What do I do?

Version: 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When you use Brave to block an element, the blocked element is added as an entry at brave://adblock, you simply have to delete the entry. You can post the content of the textbox here if you are not sure which line to delete.

Are there any other ways to do that? There used be that feature like Delete CSS filters for this website. Isn’t there something alike?

Manually deleting the entries is the only way as of the moment. I remember the option you mentioned but looks like it has been removed throughout the releases.

Thank you for replying. Too bad such a useful feature was removed.

Agree, but like I wrote in a previous comment, if you’re worried you might do something wrong, you can always post the content of the textbox, the part related to the website from the original post. Support team here is super friendly from what I’ve seen so far, they or some other Community member will find a way to assist you.

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