Block something using browser instead of Ublock Origin

I hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can help me out.

There are some annoying things on a website I visit frequently that I would like to block. They are Twitter or Facebook share buttons that get blocked when I have Ublock Origin on, but appear when I turn it off.

So I looked at which filterlist was blocking them (Fanboy’s Annoyance) and tried to copy and paste the rule into Brave:


and things like that. But they don’t end up getting blocked.

Any idea what I can do?

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This should be blocked either by FB Annoyances or FB Social. Is there a specific site showing the sharing?

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I’m subscribed to those lists. For example this website shows the buttons and the annoying share link that shows up next to “reply” under a person’s comments:

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Any thoughts on how I can do this?

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Which share links? The site looks clean imo

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Hi, I tried posting an image, did it go through?

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I’ll investigate, thanks for the report.

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The tweet and facebook logo (link) seen inside the image/site are affected by ‘Adguard Social Media’ from ‘Anonyances List’ from UBO.

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Hi, did you see chh_68’s reply? Is it possible to block these things without UBO?

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Add this into brave://adblock at the bottom ‘subscribe to filter list’ part.

Make sure to click submit.

Edit:- For some reason, it does not work. It only works when the list is used in UBO and not in brave://adblock.

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Yep, I tried adding all the lists I’m subbed to through UBO into Brave itself and none of them removed those social media links. Very strange.

Hiya, any luck on this? Is there an email for the Fanboy list? I’ve tried a bunch of ways to find help on this but I’m not getting any luck.

@Sluggo ,

Some websites attempt to defeat Ad-Block, Ad-Guard, and U-Block-Origin [installations] activity of your Internet browser.

Opposing such website attempts (to defeat your defenses), are some ad-block/hiding filter rules (working for your defense) that are active as a result of such installations.

Those [installation] filter rules probably affect the success of a Brave Browser user’s own, custom filter rules.

I tried some custom filter rules, including what you tried - but the Facebook and Twitter social media buttons you point to, remained.

PS re anti-AdBlockers

Advertisers and Websites

My view, is that more websites are on the offense against the privacy of Internet browser users. Such websites have playbooks, in effect, of dynamic responses to a browser’s defense.

And as time passes, there are more tools (including anti-ad-blockers) for the websites, and thus, more complex playbooks. Resulting in websites becoming hypersensitive about

  • assessing risks based upon Fingerprinting your computing device (including its software and settings)

  • integrity of the connection between website and your browser

Re the first part of that, seems to me, that websites picked up on the tools used by advertisers - behaving as hackers, searching for holes in your armor and walls.

Each hole and piece of info that reveals something about your device and software, is a focal point that becomes part of the overall fingerprint . . . for only a brief moment . . . until the next risk assessment that is sometimes only 150 ms away from the previous.

The website playbooks changes, and that is frustrating for the producers of ad-blocking filters. Such producers struggle with defending against the anti-ad-blocking tools of the website.

Example from one of the recent Fanboy AdBlock lists (May 5, 2022). The example shows lines (by the producer) intended to frustrate the efforts by websites that are trying to defeat ad-blocking:

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 7.49.47 PM


You may download and study the PDF file. Peter Snyder and others of Brave Software, are authors of, contributors to, the article:

‘Blocked or Broken? Automatically Detecting When Privacy Interventions Break Websites’

How come they are removed with Ublock Origin, though? That’s what confuses me, lol.


Hi, I tried emailing you for support and contacting you on here for an answer to this. Have you abandoned your list?

If you could help me a little that would be greatly appreciated.

Fanboy posted he will be away for a week or so. I think he deserves a break/vacation.

He’s been back, and he just posted 12 hours ago.

This question has been going on for a month now.

I’m pretty sure Fanboys list is abandonware.

It is a bug. This particular list is not functioning correctly via brave://adblock. It will only function properly after considerable updates are done to It will take a few months more (my estimate).
Until then the only option is to use it from UBO. Nothing can be done about it.

Brave itself ‘advertized’ that custom filter list will function if you input it in brave://adblock, but this one does not. Give it some more with more updates to, it will function properly without our knowledge.

You also created a post on brave browser subreddit :sweat_smile:


I’m currently not in NZ (home), I’m mostly away from the desk. But i’ll still take any thing urgent. I’ve logged a ticket, not ETA just yet. A issue report should’ve been issued previously, my err.