How to withdraw BAT from Brave Publisher?

Above is the screenshot of my brave publisher account. I cannot able to find any withdraw option. How am I suppose to transfer it to uphold?

And have few queries, Balance showing 41BAT. Some process pending showing 35 BAT… Last month deposite showing 26 BAT (But I didnt receive any?). How can I see the splitups?

Team, Please assist! I am looking forward to gain more BATs from brave publisher. But, I have more queries and blockers that stopping me earning BATs.

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The process is happens automatically. No extra steps required from you.

You should see it on your BAT card in Uphold.

Sir today i recieved my publisher earnings but it was only a part of it. Do you have any idea when will I receive the rest?

Edit- the payout was supposed to be 17.73 BAT but in my uphold account it is only 12. Something BAT.

Is this the amount shown on “Payout progress” or total amount shown on your creator dashboard? Please refer to the screenshot in original post above.

Sir the amount under payout progress is 17.73.
Is it normal?

I’m new to all of this.

Thanks for the confirmation. So the payout is happens in a few transactions:

  • for each channel/s
  • for referral


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Sir I recently updated my brave browser for Android to the lastest version ie. 1.8.93
I still can’t see my previous earnings which disappeared while claiming them. I raised this issue in another post where it was said that this issue will resolve with the lastest update.
But I don’t think it is solved yet.
Kindly do look into the matter.
Also none of the verified brave publisher are seen on my browser. Please do look into this as well. Below is an attachment of screenshots.

@hamzamemon see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors and An update regarding verification status on mobile devices

Team, please help me i’ve been waiting for months, and can’t seem to get my BAT coins transfered to my Uphold account MY BALANCE 64.99 BAT

Am i doing something wrong? Please Help.

This is the message that im getting.
Payout Progress

At the time we generated the payout report your account was in locked status from removing your 2FA.

You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle.

* The amount to be paid is based on our report generated at 2020-06-01.

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