Withdraw BAT from Brave Creators

Greetings Brave Support team!

I got a small problem with my Brave Creators where only have 3.89 BAT and if I already can withdraw my problem is simple. I really dont know how to do that

My Browser is Brave and is up to date.

My OS is Windows 10 Ver: 10.0.19041 N/D Compilación 19041

Hi @Leomerix, Welcome to Community!
You need a minimum of 5 BAT before balance is transferred to Uphold.
Creator payouts happen once a month around the 8th, So if you get >5 BAT in your balance before December, you should be paid out on the 8th.

Hello, can help, please?
have 5.70 BAT in Brave Creators (twitter) and can’t transfer to uphold. Not see withdraw button. (in uphold have 0 BAT)

Your BAT will get automatically withdrawl to uphold around 8th of every month…you will get withdrawl on 8th December

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