How can i verifie a wallet for Germany

I get commercials but how can i verifie to use my BAT? If i get commercials it should be possible for germans to get the BAT. But how?

At this time, it is not possible. This is primarily due to exchanges. You can only verify using Uphold or Gemini. Uphold has stopped accepting new accounts for Germany and Gemini does not support Germany at all.

For a long time, Brave was allowing pre-existing accounts from Germany to link to their Uphold, but Brave was asked to stop doing that this year. This is the reason why Germany is not able to connect at this time. Brave is in talks to try to find a way to make it supported again, but unsure when or if it might happen.

In the meanwhile, other options are being sought out. New partners take time. For example, Brave started the onboarding process with a new custodial partner about 5 months ago. But that still has not come far enough for Brave to announce who the partner is or when they will become available. Unfortunately, expanding is not as easy as many Users believe it should be. It’s not like creating a new bank account or something for a normal person. There’s a lot of contracts, laws, and negotiations that have to take place and then adjustments to be made.

You do earn the BAT and it’s deposited in your browser as vBAT. So long as that exists, you’ll eventually be able to withdraw it. Of course, you are also able to tip others with it.

It is true that Brave could have stopped all ads in your region if they wanted. However, there are Users who wish to continue to receive ads and earn BAT. Some are doing it to support Brave and send their tips to Brave. Others are holding for the day they can link again.

For any who aren’t happy with it and only want to view ads when they are able to withdraw BAT, you can easily turn off Brave Ads under the Rewards menu and you will no longer receive ads but can use all other features of Brave at no cost.

but why not in Germany? Last year it works but why not now? Other companies working in Germany with benefits like that. What is about satoshis in games? It is possible in Germany. What is the problem? I want to make KYC but why not in Germany possible? What is about Why is only Gemini and Uphold possible but not in Germany?

You have to ask them. Uphold and Gemini are the ones not accepting accounts for Germany.

I already answered this to you in my last reply.

I answered this in my comment above as well. In the part where I start with In the meanwhile, other options are being sought out. New partners take time.

it is a little bit long this time for implementing a new partner.

Agreed. I’ve been trying to get them to share who it is and which countries will be covered by it. But they said they can’t yet announce it. Hopefully it will come soon and it will be good news for people like you, who are in regions not able to be supported by Gemini and Uphold.

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