How can I set the buttons from top to bottom of the Android App?

Hello guys,

I have a big screen android smartphone and it is very annoying to always have to switch tabs and so on on the top of the screen. This is the only thing that still keeps me to my old browser instead of Brave.
Is there any way to set the buttons to the bottom of the screen?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @enum,
I know how it’s feel because I’m also using big screen. :sweat_smile:

Brave not re-implement this feature. We’ve an issue logged for this here

It seems that enabling “Chrome Duet” can move the buttons to bottom. But there’s an issue with Brave shield (brave icon at URL bar) of this feature enabled.

If you want to try enable “Chrome Duet”,

  • Open chrome://flags
  • Search for Chrome Duet
  • Restart Brave


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