How can i see my download speed when downloading something?

When I’m downloading a file, how can I see the speed it is being downloaded in? Currently I can only see ETA, but I’m pretty sure I could see the actual download speed as well, not sure when this changed. Firefox, Chrome, on every browser you see speed when click on downloads, i don’t want to click twice to see speed, please implement that asap. Why is seeing speed important? Because if downlod speed is low i can see immediately if something is wrong with my internet and react appropriately. Thanks.

The download speed is shown on the downloads page, just not in the download bubble:

This is the same behavior in Chrome — it looks like Firefox does display the speed in the bubble. I do not believe there is a way to change this at this time. If it helps, you can use the Ctrl + J (Cmd + Option + L for macOS) keyboard shortcut to quickly bring up the Downloads page.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

For Chrome i have Chrono Download manager, it displays speed in a bubble, i now see i can install it on Brave also, nice.

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