Download button

Is there any way to get the download button next to your url bar like with firefox?
I’m used to firefox and having to click the settings button like chrome bothers me big time.


Hi @beaverpup, welcome to Community!

When you say download, do you mean a button to download the web page or a button to show the list of downloads?

a button to show the list of downloads like with any browser

thank god was going to post the same, this is a major miss, might get back to chrome if they don’t fix it

If you click on the menu in the top right you can view all downloads.

it’s not the same, we want a button in the top bar just right of the URL bar

it’s impossible to drag it from the menu to the actual bar


+1 for this feature.
The download button on the toolbar in Firefox is really useful. It shows the progress of your download with a mini progress bar, and provides instant access to your downloads, via a small popup window when you click on the button. This is more convenient than the Brave approach via settings, which takes you to a whole new tab.
Thanks for listening


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