How to disable AUTOMATIC downloading of files (that begin downloading) BEFORE I click to save to folder

TL:DR: Bring back a way for us to see data transfer speeds/time and to do it AFTER we have selected the folder we want the file/s to go to; it’s very annoying it just downloads BEFORE we have even finished choosing the download folder when we need to see that data transfer info. Please!

Make no mistake, I am happy the browser downloads files quickly, but when you want to see how fast (i.e. to actually time it AND see the transfer speeds at which it is downloading at) it gets SUPER annoying very quickly when you can’t see that info because the damned file has already begun downloading and there’s no accurate and direct way to see what the data is doing and how fast it’s actually doing it (Mb/s).

Is there any chance Brave might bring back a way to enable this feature once used in the past? It’d be very helpful (when/if we want it) to see how fast the file is downloading and, more importantly, to actually be in full control of exactly when the file begins downloading WITH the aforementioned info shown?

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