How can I hide "show side panel" button on toolbar?

I am wondering if it’s possible to hide this button in Brave? I have no need for it.


Try to right click on it. Does it give you a delete or remove option?

Right now, for me, this button is only displaying in the Beta and Nightly versions. It does not display in the Release version. I have the sidebar disabled at brave://settings/appearance and I too think this button should not display if that setting is disabled. I do not know if this is a bug or if Brave intends to keep displaying this button even if the sidebar is disabled in settings. My opinion/preference: if the sidebar is disabled, this button should not display. The button should only display if the feature is enabled (mouseover or always options) in settings.

Saying that, I do like the button and actually like that you can pull up the sidebar by clicking the button without having to enable mouseover or always options. I do not like either of those options but I do like the button. However, I think this should be added as an option in settings and not as a permanent icon. So, instead of just 3 options, you would have 4: mouseover, always, button only, never. If never is selected, the button would not display.

I have it disabled as well, so that’s why I don’t understand why it’s still giving me the option in the toolbar. I’m using the beta version, so hopefully this won’t be something that is permanent, it’s pretty annoying.

Using the latest Beta (Version 1.45.68), there has been an option added to hide this button.

I accidentally hit the “hide sidebar icon” right-click pulldown from the icon and it is gone. How do I get the icon back?

Settings --> Appearance --> Show Side Panel option:


OMG I must be blind. I swear I stared at that page for 4-5 minutes. Thanks!

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No worries! I also opened an issue today to group all these related side bar/panel options in Settings in a more clear/concise manor:

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