Brave sidebar will not go away even when set to never show it

I have the setting set for never to show sidebar but it keeps coming up and I can’t make it go away…
the answer for previous posts does not work

Can you please click the sidebar button on the top right to ensure that it is closed and then set the option in Settings --> Appearance to Never again? Additionally, when you say the side bar keeps coming up, does it appear during a mouse over? Or does it never go away to begin with?

thanks for the reply, matches… I didn’t see a button top right of sidebar… but I already had the setting set for never show…I may have inadvertently clicked a key (if there is one) that brings up the sidebar… I can’t think of another reason why it may have come up…anyhow it’s happened a couple times and I couldn’t shut it down… so I had to close all windows and start over… it didn’t come back this time, so I’m OK now.
If it comes up again, I’ll look for a button in the upper right :slight_smile:


I would try to note what you clicked or what keys you pressed when you see the sidebar appear so we know what to look for.

@gyanarthi and @Mattches just a FYI as I learned about it today by accident. Hitting Ctrl+B will open/close the sidebar.

Btw, Mattches, not sure who maintains it, but maybe add that and any other recent keyboard shortcuts to when someone has a chance? Not sure who would be aware of what additions they might have made.

Yes but that shortcut should not be opening it. Additionally, we have a custom keyboard shortcut implementation hitting stable soon, at which time I will update that doc (or add a new one) to explain the functionality.

I believe that once the update goes through, this shortcut can be easily removed. There is a trickier fix for this that involves digging around in your browser profile’s Preferences file — I’m asking the teams about steps to take if users want to dig in that file right now.

Hope to have more information soon.

whatever I hit was accidental… have a tremor and fingers do that a lot… control-b is possible… fingers hit capslock a lot by accident

You can test this right now by opening the browser and hitting Ctrl + B.

haha… I was not so sure I wanted to see the sidebar again…but i tested it and thankfully it turned off after coming on… thanks so much!!

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