How Can I Get My Website To Show Up In Brave?

:warning:Can anyone help me get my Politics and News website to show up in Brave Search Results ?

:red_circle: My website:

I got this message when I clicked your link:

504 Gateway Time-out

You will have to address this before it’s possible to get you indexed.

Hey thank you! Dam Google and Facebook continue messing up our website when we have some hot news. It seems to happen alot. Thanks so much for notifying me. We just got kicked off YouTube I lost 500,000 followers for making funny meme political videos. I just started posting all my stuff on Rumble. Check us out there if you will and please share our news and videos help us overcome this Censorship! God Bless America and May God Bless You and Your Family!!!

Best Wishes always,
Trent ( A real life Undertaker & journalists)

:green_circle: RUMBLE ACCOUNT::arrow_down:

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Here is my rumble account: just copy and paste link in browser if you can’t get on it from my link here:

Thanks Again God Bless!!!

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