How brave browser detect i am using vpn

how brave browser detect i am using vpn…just simple question if you give some info bcz as far i know out side from network no one can detect vpn is on …


Or you have all vpn’s dns in your server brave just filter…

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It’s really easy to detect whether or not you’re behind VPN. (On Windows VPN’s often use virtual network device which routes all the traffic, it’s not really diffirent on other platforms). Also IP’s used by VPN services are pretty public, so most services use simple blacklisting tools for it.

VPN’s are only useful when you want to see region restricted content, they don’t care about your privacy, if that’s the reason you use them.


No man ProtonVPN dose care about privacy, they don’t collect cookies and other stuff to protect our privacy… aren’t they ?!!


But… Cookies are being collected by your own browser, not server (a.k.a VPN) or ISP.

You seem to be “scammed” by false advertising by VPN companies, I really recommend watching this awesome Tom Scott video (

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Wrong category entirely.