Brave VPN and Nord VPN

I would like to use Brave VPN.
(Because I use Nord VPN and it’s slow)

Nord VPN Claims No Logs (a VPN that does not collect (record) traffic passing through its own servers),

Does Brave VPN keep logs?

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OS and Brave version:
Brave → 1.50.114

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@GuardianTeam @SaltyBanana coukd you please clarify?

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I think that Brave VPN actually is a VPN, and not just a proxy that use your IP as final endpoint, so in case you are trying to be the bad boy, they can simply pass your adress.
Someone correct me, if i am wrong.


We absolutely do not log customer traffic in any way, nor do we know who the traffic belongs to in our system. Everything is kept in memory to provide the service but once our server restarts everything is gone. We have an abstraction layer that does not include any PII, which clearly separates customer information from customer traffic. The two are never present on our systems at the same time and it is therefore impossible even for us to track any given user in our own system.

I hope this answers your questions

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Can you provide proof of these claims?

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Hey there,

We cannot give you access to our servers to proof that we’re not storing logs and I am not sure what other proof you’d require from us. If you have something specific in mind we might be able to provide you with that information.
Since the the Brave Firewall+VPN capability is built on top of the Guardian APIs & infrastructure it uses the Subscriber Credential system under the hood which is the system that I mentioned to clearly separate PII & internet traffic. It is our way to prevent abuse while being able to guarantee that no customer information exists alongside the traffic on the VPN servers as the credential itself contains no relevant information. You can find more information about the system here



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@tzeejay I am going to ask a favor if you would. I was browsing through the Brave VPN areas and I couldn’t find anything on Terms or anything. Usually there are Privacy portions or parts in Terms where it talks about things as have been discussed on this topic. For example,

This doesn’t seem to exist at or at places like

I’m guessing part of that might need to be through people like @steeven or others at Brave. But until that’s added there, would you happen to have links to Guardian’s privacy policy? Also, will that apply to Brave VPN? The reason I’m asking is I’m making a bit of an assumption that perhaps there could be data shared between Guardian and Brave for the VPN to work as intended, whereas otherwise Guardian usually had been an independent VPN.

Figure if we can try to get something more static, it might help when/if this type of question or concern comes up again in the future.

I’ve just opened an issue internally to include more detailed documentation on or HC for this stuff.



I see that our partners at Brave are already on getting their end sorted. I am convinced that a privacy policy portion about it existed somewhere but I cannot remember for certain to be honest.

The Guardian privacy policy applies partially to Brave data as well on our VPN nodes with regards to the limited time that we store blocked alerts, until it becomes “stale” and we delete it which is a hard delete not a soft delete in the database on the VPN nodes. Depending on where the subscription was purchased those entities should be reviewed as well (eg. Apple or Google through the in-app purchase option).
You can find our privacy policy here. Our rule of thumb is that data is a liability to us, so we want to handle as little as we possibly can persistently. All our VPN nodes are completely ephemeral by design and the data on will never make or break the business, so we have set ourselves up to not have to care about any data to begin with. What we do care about is happy customers that are willing to pay for a good, reliable service. Nothing more nothing less :slight_smile: