Confirmed and pending payouts account

My account shows that 90 referrals are downloaded, but the confirmed and pending payouts are zero.

Hi @tokenbrave1,

Downloaded mean that new user download + install Brave using your referral link.

Confirmed mean that new users already use Brave for ~30 days.

You get paid $5 per confirmed referral, not download.

Hope that can make it clear for you.

For confirmed, my account must be connent to uphold
Without connecting to uphold the confirmed?

How much each referral should be used in 30 days؟

Confirmed does not have to do with Uphold. So even if you are not connected with Uphold, you will still be able to receive confirmations and referral rewards.

How much each referral should be used in 30 days؟

It must be used “minimally” over the course of at least 30 days. We do not specify exactly how much in order to minimize fraud. But any normal person using the browser will be enough.


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Is downloading the file to be rewarded through the browser?
Is the rewards for downloading the file by the browser computing us or rewarding only for browsing the web?

It’s for downloading the browser and actually using it over at least 30 days.

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