Hotkey for duplicating Tabs

I’ve used the duplicate tabs feature in Chrome since it came out, and I still do in Brave all the time.

I make my living as an IT professional and my job relies heavily on the use of hotkeys. So it really disrupts my workflow when I have to right-click a tab to duplicate it. There’s a shortcut for that in Edge, which I really like.
It’s CTRL + SHIFT + K, which luckily isn’t used in Brave.

The thing is, my company is sort of trying to force us to use Edge (because of the heavy usage of Microsoft products and their compatibility) and I convinced them to use Brave. It would really help me to see that shortcut in my beloved browser.

@Frozax In the newest update today, there’s an option to customize shortcuts. Take a look through it and see if that is there. If it is, you can create whichever you want for it.


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Can confirm that you can do this after updating to version 1.56.9: