Driving me (& other users) nuts!

Dear Lions & Lionesses, the Breative who Crave to be Creative on Brave!

I have peeked at quite a few topics here in this forum and whipped out my surfboard to see what people whip up in the surfs on the Interweb in general about Brave Browser, and the accolades flow like Gold between the lines. BUT!

Something is missing…

…and the Golden Solution could perhaps revolutionize Browsing!

But I, and from what I can see — many others — would settle for a lazy dull fix, which at least would save a TON of Time in our oh, so finite Lives.

What is missing? —you might ask…

Well, it started out with a headache. It’s of course a metaphor like “Not, tonight Honey, I’ve got a…”

EVERYBODY, but especially Developers very often duplicate tabs. The reasons are extremely numerous, and for the sake of being brief I won’t list them.

BUT I am happy to list the frustration that there is NO, NIL, NADA Shortcut Key that will save us a million trips up the drop down menu to click that damn Duplicate point down the list, which seems to never ever, EVER end…
…day out and day in…
…up the tab, right click the tab, down the list, SMASH Duplicate [can you tell I am frustrated by this?] do what I need that specific duplicate tab for…
…over… and
…o v e r… and
…OVER… AGAIN — Ad Nauseam. Ad VERY Nauseam…

So, the lazy fix would for the Brave Bootstrap Build Broncos of this most eminent Browser to simply give us a Shortcut Key.
End of story.
Full stop.
Exclamation Mark.

But as I have grown with and come to love Brave Browser way, WAY more than I ever did Chrome, I thought to myself:

“Here I am with a Brave Crave, seeing all these functions which are FRUSTRATING. All the wonderful Brave Functions are frustrating for the very same reason using DUPLICATE a million times is increasingly frustrating. No Time Saving, Frustration Quenching AUTOMATION. The only thing these functions have in common is: —Repetition of senseless, mindless and UNNECESSARY moves and clicks with our mouse/trackpad and other such modes of input, EXCEPT…
…the QUICKEST and easiest mode of input: THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUT!

And why should the Build Broncos of Brave Browser not be able to sprint one farther?

Why not give us, the USERS, the ability to make our own BESPOKE BRAVE?

What do I man by BESPOKE BRAVE?

Let us, if we so choose, customize our browsers. If there is a function in Brave — We should also be given the option to customize that one function, some of the functions — or even all of the functions — with the Shortcut Keys of our choice.

Give us a tool which can switch on or off how global Shortcut Keys influence Brave Browser & Vice Versa.
Then give us the ability to make Local Shortcut Keys for EVERY function there is within the confines of the Browser App. And when this Customization is in place, I suppose Brave could also offer to add a Standard Set of Shortcut Keys laid down by the eminent Trailblazing Top Team Techies at Brave Browser. All a lazy user would have to do, is flick the switch, and VOILA!. Honey I’m Home! Every little brilliant Brave Function has its secret little SESAME! SESAME! built in. Maybe with its own little Shortcut set aside which pulls up a Quick-List of Shortcut Keys for the most addlebrained of use, which we can use until we have memorized which ever Shortcuts are assigned, to which Function, or for those who are too lazy to memorize it and still too lazy to chase the rabbit down the proverbial menu rabbit holes again and again to activate which ever function would be in fashion at a particular moment.

But I personally, and I Imagine quite a few others, LOVE when we get to customize software to our own liking. I find it is so much easier to remember Shortcut Keys when we can make them ourselves, following our own logic pattern and the way each of us think.

I believe they really could do this! And if they do, they will have made a Browser like no other.
Who knows?
Maybe they want to see us throwing a virtual Street Party celebrating the Brave Beatitude Benefaction so much so that they even make a simple, yet effective "Shortcut Key Combinator… A tiny dialogue box where we can punch in a combination to get our browser to execute a series of menial tasks at once, you know, like a Little Magic Brave Script Box…
…now THAT would be some next Sci-Fi Level Stuff!

Talk about Immersive Browser Browsing Experience!
It’s like strapping a Fighter Jet to your back and Mach it through the web into the Hyperweb, Warp Speed Style!
—Leaving the put-put Surf-Mobiles of the past like
Opera etc. etc.
in the dust clouds of Cyber-Space.

Safari may rhyme with Ferrari, but with this ease-of-use speed increase, the only “Red Ferrari” on this road would have a Red Lion stamped on the hood!

Who says I am not allowed to dream… And if the Brave Crew decides to do it, I for one believe they can!

They say «The Future Is Now». And from what I have seen, using Brave since it was launched…
…I am starting to believe that it is in fact True.”

—So, was I wrong in Day Dreaming, you Brave Blue-ribboned Brainy Boffins?
Or could I really get to experience this Browser Bonanza while pinching myself in the near Future?

You tell me…!

—Brave, Brave Bro’

Hello dear Brave fella,

Ever tried to smash Alt+D and right after that you smash Alt+ENTER?
It’s worth a try!

Sincerely yours,

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Brave GitHub issue report opened in 2018 and still open…

I think this is what you are asking for? I got lost in the verbiage. :wink:

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Howdy Doody Murphmeister,

Yup. Done that. For some reason ⌥ + D (or any other combination + D) doesn’t work on my Mac. So, I do “manually” click the URL field and hit ⌥ + ENTER which duplicates the tab. It’s way easier than using the menu, but my Brainwave was to hopefully inspire the Brave Engineers to come up with a much more customizable, yet still Stable Browser.
I am sure that would hit a home run both for Developers as well as other Users. Don’t you?

I can see Chocoholic also replied to my scribblings and that my brainwave wasn’t that original, really (there is ALWAYS someone that gets there before you, isn’t there! LOL :joy:).

That was in 2018… Maybe we will eventually get there if we keep asking long & often enough?

If the contained ability to program shortcut keys and other time saving procedures within Brave was made available - and if people were made aware that this is a whole new iteration in Browser developments - I cannot see any reason why Brave couldn’t become THE Number 1 Browser in the World. It is already light weight, fast and relatively secure.

The Brave Engineers have already cut A TON of time off all the useless and uninteresting commercials we are otherwise forced to watch (I have saved 1.21 DAYS since I started using Brave…!!!).

The next logical step would be to help us save even more time. And the best and fastest way there would be on Browser Operations.
A Dedicated, Programmable Brave Shortcut Key Environment with smoother handling of all Brave’s feature, organized individually to our own personal liking.
I know there are several workarounds out there. And one could always automate some functionality. But it’s messy, not elegant. It is time consuming to set up, and doesn’t always work.

Now, if it was an inherent, integrated part of the Brave Browsing Experience, I’d say we were looking at a whole new ballgame in Browsing, right?

Yup! It is indeed what I am asking for.
2018… Wow! I wonder if the Brave Engineers have even looked at that?
I for one can sense a whole new iteration in Browser Development. One that, if executed right, would bring Brave Front and Center as the World’s Number One Browser by far!

I guess we’ll just have to keep on asking and asking. Verbiage…
…sorry about that. Got carried away (What an excuse! Give the man a Cigar!) No, but seriously, I think this is the next Logical Step in helping us, the Users, saving even more time. Brave has already saved me 1.21 DAYS just by sparing me from having to wait for endless columns of useless commercials for products I will never buy to load.

The next logical step would be a Dedicated Programmable Brave Environment where I could save even more time by effortlessly setting up Brave Functions exactly the way I want. I find that to be the next Logical Step.

Wouldn’t you agree, Chocoholic?

lol I could see that! And a lot of it was really funny, I did enjoy. :smiley:

I don’t know. In general, I really do not like using keyboard shortcuts although I do believe that the more options and features that are customizable the better. Since Brave is a small team, I would prefer they spend their resources on UI customization. Which is happening, if you look at some of the issue reports related to UI customization, they are slowly and surely ticking off the requests. Yeah! I would like to see Brave devs finish UI customization before they start on this one. :wink:

Gonna go ahead and cast my vote for this since a lot of community members have requested this function and it is something that has been around a long time, especially in gaming software. Hope you get lots of votes! Take care. :smiley:

Howdy-ho @DanishBookworm

No shortcut for URL-field?

Anyway, i agree with your latest scribblings. I would absolutely appreciate customizable shortcuts…would be hotter than a goat’s butt in a pepper patch.
Have to hit the roads now…holler if you need me. :fist:

@DanishBookworm @Murphmeister Uhm, did you vote? Or is my display having problems?

j/k and bumping the topic, a 2-fer. :laughing:

@Chocoholic :shushing_face:
Not yet, i just go voting on sundays :smirk: