Duplicate tab keyboard shortcut

I have recently made the switch from Edge to Brave. I don’t miss any part of Edge with the exception of the keyboard shortcut to duplicate tabs Ctrl + k.

I’m not suggesting that it should be the same, but anything would do. I just added the shortcut FYR.

My use case for this shortcut is that I mainly use the browser to access cloud based work apps – ERPs mainly, and I almost always need to keep more than one tab open of the same website.

I use a laptop and I am not used to using the touchpad often since I mainly rely on the keyboard whenever possible and only use the touchpad/mouse when there’s no other choice so having to inch my way to the tab and clicking duplicate is kind of a workflow breaker for me.

I appreciate if you consider adding this shortcut for me + I believe this will also be an overall improvement for accessibility as a whole.

Note: I am sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but this forum is huge and I can’t guarantee that I searched all relevant keywords before posting. So I apologize if this is a double post.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

On My computer, Win 10 , ENG keyboard it’s Ctrl+(center mouse buttom)click over refresh logo.

I also really miss this shortcut…

@D.VE Brave Nightly supports keyboard customization, the Duplicate tab is not assigned to any shortcut, so you can install Nightly, enable the flag brave://flags/#brave-commands and go to brave://commands.
Brave is already building the shortcut customization in Settings, but until then, commands page is the only way to do it.

Brave keyboard customization allows more customization than Opera does, so you can see, add or remove a lot of commands.


Alt+D followed by Alt + Enter

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Ah great… Thanks… I’m not in a hurry… When will this be in the stable version?

Yes, this works too, but some websites like Google docs reserve this Alt + D so I have to use Ctrl + L instead.


Hey, I activated that flag and restarted Brave, but can’t get the Quick Command bar to appear. I have tried assigning it multiple keyboard shortcuts but none worked.

Do you know how to get it working?