Home Page won't save

I am using Version 1.36.109 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit), dated 2 March 2022.

My new Home Page is to not remembered, When I start brave the new Home Page does come up. When I want to go back to the home page, my old home page is displayed.

I have deleted the old home page for the setup screen for home pages. I have deleted the history and cache.

How do I get Brave to remember the new home page and since I deleted the history and cache, where is it getting the old home page information from.

Please help.

Thank you so much.

Take care and regards,

I have also deleted cookies. I have a bookmark with the same address as the home page setting. The bookmark works, but the home page (except for the first startup) does not work. The home page button continues to revert back to the previous home page.

Thank you for any help.


Thank you for reaching out.
Very strange issue. To be clear, by “homepage”, you’re referring to setting your Homepage here:

I’m also curious if you are clearing any data “on exit” (History --> Clear browsing data --> On exit)? Additionally, do you have any extensions installed at this time?

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