How do I add websites to Home Page tiles (not related to browsing history)

I am on the latest version of Brave web browser on my Windows 10 64-Bit Desktop PC. Unlike on Opera or FF or Chrome, I can’t add my preferred websites’ URLs to the tiles on Home Page of my Brave web browser on my PC. Read some very old posts on this, which mention that there’s no way to do so manually, as the URLs are added as Tiles based on one’s browsing history. I don’t use Bookmarks feature, but do like to use the Tiles feature on the browser’s homepage in Opera & Chrome too, so want to know how I can do so in Brave browser. Would appreciate any help !

@rameshiyer please see this thread Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page

Hope this will help.


Thanks for sharing an earlier thread on my issue. But, there’s no timeline mentioned for the changes which many others also seem to have sought quite sometime back. Hope we get some update on the proposed changes by @kliu soon !

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