History shows Ads not being counted towards Received or Estimated Earnings

I have used the browser for a few years and am having issues with any ads counting. I am using windows 8 in the US and have my Gemini account linked to my wallet and showing on my widget. I also have a verified Uphold account
Each ad I see appears in the 30 day history but my ads received for the month shows 0 and my estimated earnings are also 0
I show no Update and I have toggled my ads off and on. I do notice that I am seeing no ads in my news scroll

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Could you restart the brave app and the device? Please respond if it still persists.

Could you share a screenshot of the rewards page?

You can’t have both connected in Rewards. So which is it? Are you currently connected?

Keep in mind if not connected, you can still see ads but you won’t earn BAT. https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

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