History saved tabs windows troubleshooting!

Hello there I have a mac and I haved opoened permanently about 15 tabs!! After a blackout I never succeded to restore my opoened tabs from history !! Is there a solution?

Hello @stath4000

do you mean when you go to
there are no history there or what

are you sure you was not browsing in private mode or tor or you did not choose to clear on exit in this page


hope that help and have a nice day

No I did not lost my history but I lost the permanent opened tabs that I had every time iopoened my mac

Because it failed to restored after the. Blackdown

not sure if when the blackdown happened if there any file corrupted

but if you did not close the browser after opening it after the blackout then go to menu click on history you would see open 15 tab

and i think you should get a msg say that brave did not shutdown correctly and to restore it of course unless the last session file get corrupted

Yes I click to restore button but it never restored unfortunately it is the first time I had something like that

maybe the file responsible for the restore is get corrupted by the blackout not sure if there away to recover it but try to check the history and reopen your tab from there

another thing try to bookmark them and put them all in one folder and each time you open brave and issue happen to your 15 tab you can go to the bookmark page

right click on the folder then open all

hope that help and have a nice day


thanks very much foe your time

you very welcome :slight_smile:

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