Browser lost tabs

So… my browser auto deletes history everytime shutdown, ive always had multiple tabs open and shutdown the browser and then turned it on again and all tabs remembered even though history is deleted on shutdown, however this time i forgot a tab open on the side and i shutdown all the tabs and then instead of pressing “reopen closed tabs” i was too fast and pressed the… X on that tab. When i opened brave again it remembers only that 1 tab, IS THERE A WAY TO GET ALL TABS BACK? if not i would recommend an update to remember 2 or 3 open tabs again after one has shutdown a session like a setting to remember multiple sessions so it can be avoided. (example: You shutdown brave, - brave remembers only the tab “the window/session”, but it also remembers the closed 2 window sessions). What im talking about is the “on startup setting” “continue where you left off” to allow it to save more than 1 window because you have to close each window separately anyway how do you then restore 2 windows if you shutdown each window separately and brave only remembers the last window.

i also screwed up again by shutting down the 1 tab that i had i think because i went into “remove history setting” and saw that it had over 47 items which probably was my lost history but it wasnt shown in history and when i shutdown and restarted again by pressing exit in browser rather than the “X” just to see if it could be restored its now gone. My guess is history is gone forever now, but i still have a question how do i access those 40 + items that can be removed from history when i cant find them in history which only remembers 1 tab

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