History Sync not work

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Enable History Sync

Expected result:
History from PC in same sync chain should show up on iOS. Instead I see weeks only history from 3 weeks or so.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.29 on iOS and Version 1.29.58 on Windows10
Mobile Device details
iPhone 8+
Additional Information:

Try updating to 1.30, history sync is available from this version only.

still does not work ( iPhone 7 , IOS 14.7.1 , Brave version 1.30 )

Do you see no history at all? I think we only sync typed URL history not all visited links, this is what chromium sync implementation does and we followed the pattern

Ya, I had to do an upgrade via iOS app store. Right only Typed URLs are showing up now, Clicked on bookmarks on a PC do not show up on the iOS device. As I indicated on Brave’s Reddit

That should be made abundantly clear. That History is typed URLS. A normal user thinks history is aka the actual URLs that you visited either via clicking on bookmarks, links in websites, or typing in the URL.

A tip that I found in order to get a link that you clicked on via another application on a PC to show up in History sync on iOS

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I have found that if I clicked on a link from another site in my Windows10 machine that link would not show up in iOS history sync.

However if on my Windows10 pc I simply backspaced over the last couple of characters in the article’s URL in Brave this will cause the article to show up in the pulldown list of suggestions. Clicking the link in the suggestion list for the same article will cause that article to show up in your History on Brave iOS.

This is not ideal. I want to sync all visited links, not just typed urls … Please add this to sync! Thanks.

Someone else on Brave’ Reddit pointed out that simply by adding a ? on the end of the URL and pressing enter on the keyboard will cause that url to show up in your History.

I doubt that will be possible unless Chromium implements that although I thought that Brave on iOS was based on Firefox rather than Webkit which brinks on other issues.

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