High CPU usage! Mac

When I use brave my laptop gets very hot!
CPU consumption increases dramatically I tried all the versions (Beta. Nightly) they are all the same

MacBook apple silicone
v1.52.129 and Version 1.55.85 Chromium: 115.0.5790.56 (Official Build) nightly (arm64)

Before using browser

and after just opening brave

Before version 50, everything was normal
Please solve this problem because you can’t use the browser at all!

Try uninstalling some extensions, they might be causing some issue, open the task manager of the browser and see what is using all the resources

Can you send me the extensions page?

there are some known issues with Mcafee Web Advisor using these, although other buggy extensions can also have this issue… try disabling one by one and see which is using all the cpu

@yourmom could you do the 3-4 basic/common troubleshooting steps to see if any of them have an impact? Try each step independently, not all at once. (so it’s easy to know the issue)

  1. Disable hardware acceleration

  2. Open in Private Window

  3. Create a new browser profile

  4. Does this also happen if you were to open Chrome?

Have you enabled anything in brave://flags? If so, Reset All and see if it changes anything. (unfortunately these changes carry through to new profile and all, so that’s why I’m asking this separately). Obviously keep track of what you changed in case you want/need to change it back.

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Just note, Disabling HW Acceleration will increase CPU usage. I would test in private window mode (no extensions).

these do not help
i have a lot of Chromium in my laptop (“ungoogled-chromium & tempest”) all of them are normal, even though there are many tabs open (even with two Chromium browsers open)

  • Now i have been temporarily using Tempest Browser for almost a month without any problems even though i have 13 active extensions
    this is definitely Brave problem which started almost two months ago
    there was all good before version 50! that means i can download and use version 49 right now without any high CPU usage stuff
    i even messaged brave support on twitter on Jun 8, 2023 but they didn’t care

This dude have a same problem

like bruh brave it’s been two months now

Sure, I have an m1 macbook pro (16Gm 2020 modal), and have 3 different Brave builds running at the same time too. I responded in the same way.

Why was HW Accerlation disabled? and disable all extensions. Both will impact your system resources. And its not “a brave issue”, both options in other browsers will have similar penalties on CPU. Also enabling Memory saver via brave://settings/system will help.

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You’ll notice that that dude stopped replying, right? And that dude had hardware acceleration off just like you do. Neither of you have responded to say that you’ve tried turning on hardware acceleration and still encountered the problem.

And I don’t know which way I’m supposed to read your response when you say that those do not help. Can you confirm if you’ve actually attempted in a private window and in a new profile? You also did not respond as to whether you have activated any flags.

Interesting comparison of various extensions in 2021, I have asked the blog user to update for 2023/2024. Every extension will add some overhead, just depends on how much.

bro’s @Saoiray @fanboynz

What does Brave Task Manager show? Also those extensions aren’t needed in Brave, since its built in

Testing in Brave Beta build, no extensions.

The CPU use would vary between 4%-9%.

ahhhhh i found the problem was mf uBlock Origin Lite!
Now the laptop doesn’t get hot like before and it’s back to normal

but still is too much right?

ClearURLs - uBlock Origin - Matte Black Theme
Trackers & ads blocking is Aggressive with Block fingerprinting

i have so many stuff in another chromium still is better

As a test, can you try uninstalling all the extensions? (can always re-install later…) Then restart Brave. Also watch the task manager over the minute or so, It should vary.

Could test Brave beta, which uses a new profile. And test in that with no extensions

Just as a note, just because an extension does show “high CPU” in task manager, doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact browsing speed/page rendering. Not a Brave specific thing, limiting as many extensions as possible will help with perf of any browser.

i reset the browser without any extensions

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 2.26.22 PM

Like always