Hide the back, home buttons below brave?

Sorry new to brave and struggling. How do I remove the home and back buttons below brave browser? I could not figure it out.

I attached a photo to show what I mean. Thanks again for the help.

Those options are handled by your OS. If you want to hide this toolbar or auto-hide it, you will have to do so from within your Android device’s settings.

Sorry maybe this was not the best example if I use any other web browser chrome, firefox etc and I go fulls screen on a video they disappear automatically but not on brave.

Thanks for clarifying.
I think that someone else has logged this here:

Does this happen when you view full screen video content on any site? Or is it only for MLB.tv?

Any site when I go full screen.

It’s very likely that you are seeing the same issue the user who posted the Github issue is. Can you tell me what type of device/Android version you’re using so I can add your report to the thread?

Samsung note ultra
android version 11

thank you

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