Hide parts of the website

Not sure but it might eventually better fit as an extension rather than Browser feature. If so please recommend some.
I am asking for a possibility to remove from display of https://github.com (once you are logged in) right side panel called “Discover repositories” (which is totally useless for some, if not most, of the users. I remember there was a plugin to cleanup facebook like that. Now github is slowly turning into facebook-like platform so same feature would be useful.

I think uBlock Origin is capable of doing this

Thanks for reply. Anything more lightweight? Brave already covers main functionality of uBlock Origin so I would prefer to not run that extension.

If you’re using stylus, there might be a style for this on the stylish website.

i settled for this extension.
It’s precisely what you’re looking for. It saves the removed elements on each site, you can simply unhide them if wanted. Works like a charm, pretty lightweight.