Disconnected uphold on brave rewards

why is it that my uphold account is disconnected from brave rewards? i did not disconnect it or even logged out but it says it has been. logged out and disconnected I’ve tried many times to log in back but nothing happen. what should i do?

You may have already found the answer, but posting the information just in case you haven’t. Notice posted by support staff: Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

Users from the Philippines and Vietnam can no longer connect to a custodial provider. Since you are from the Philippines, you will not be able to connect to Uphold and your Rewards wallets will be unverified. You can still receive and earn from ads if available but you will not be able to connect and transfer your Rewards to Uphold. Your only options are to hold your BAT in your Rewards wallet or use them for tipping creators. Hopefully, at some point, Brave will lift the block currently in place.

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