Help me on Reward earned

I don’t see my BAT earned on my Brave wallet browser it’s always 0.00 no increase help me pls

How do you earn the BAT? From Brave Ads?

Which wallet? The one under brave://rewards?

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Yes the one under Brave rewards and I haven’t seen any Ads the wallet is showing no summary for August 2019 make me understand pls


I have the same issue. Someone sent me a few BAT and confirmed they sent it. That was days ago. My PENDING PAYOUTS is still 0.00 BAT. My Uphold is verified and my account is in good standings.

Make sure you live in supported regions FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Thanks a lot I appreciate

Yes the one under brave rewards

Send your channel or link. Love to tip a fellow Nigerian. Never mind if 10BAT is small. It is always nice seeing fellow Nigerians.

Okay man no problem🙌