Hello, can I please get some help on this. I recently upgraded from window 8 to 10, after doing this everytime I open Brave my entire laptop completely shuts down. I have been using Brave for 2 years with NO problems. What could be causing this?

Compatibility mode only shows windows Vista, 7 and 8 with no other options at all.
Would i need to reinstall Brave again for windows 10? And if so would thst compromise my earnings stored.

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Thanks for writing in. What Brave version is currently installed?

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Hi Steevan, I appreciate the response.
Im using v1.46.144 (Official Build)(64-bit)
Please note: I had to uninstall windows 10 and return back to windows 8.1 I just could not work on the computer using other browsers its so annoying. thank God for Brave.

I am aware that after January I would need to update to Windows 10 in order to get future Brave updates, so Iā€™m sure this problem may return when I eventually swtich over.
It was not just Brave crashing alone but the entire sytem would shutdown(not a reset) everytime I opened the browser

Thanks for your patience here @w1onebit. Can you confirm if this is still an issue for you?

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