Brave Crashes after Window 10 Update mai2020

Description of the issue:

1.when i launch Brave on Windows 10 after recent update of windows it crashes after a few second
2.It work fine a week ago, it happen since the Update

Expected result:

Brave Version( Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)):

Additional Information:
I clear the cache and browser history…

I’ve solved the issue by uninstalling the x64 version clearing all user data (just ticking the popup). Then installed x32 and then reinstalled x64 version. For me it worked. I’m using it since 1h now; Hope it helps

New update is awful - constant freezes and crashes despite uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. PLEASE FIX!!!

Windows Home Ver 1909 Build 18363.900

Having the same issue here. Each day entire computer would freeze up and I would be forced to hard reboot. Didn’t realize it was related to Brave at first, but then noticed it never happened when I wasn’t using Brave. Switched to Firefox for a week and never had computer crash. Uninstalled Brave (did not clear user data) and restarted computer then re-installed Brave. Computer went back to randomly crashing (would just quit responding, no blue screen, no error messages). Stopped using Brave again, and once again random freezing stopped. I use my computer about 12 hours a day and with Brave running this behavior was happening 3 to 20 times per day. Without Brave running, NEVER HAPPENS. Can’t pin it to a particular use of Brave, though I mainly sit editing websites.

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