Streaming services not working on brave

Streaming services like HBO Max, Disney+, crunchyroll, primevideo, netflix; are not working, I cand open the sites and browse into the catalogues but when I select a show or a video it doesn’t work.
I have already searched and tried some possible errors and solutions like:

  • enabling Widevine (it was already enabled, tried it without, not worked, enabled again, not worked)
  • tried Media Router
  • enabled all cookies
  • tried to start brave with the command line --enable-features=VideoPlaybackQuality
  • tried in a new profile
  • tried in private mode
  • tried removing all extensions (it was a pain in the a** to get them again ;-; )

Steps to Reproduce: open a streaming service site and select a show or video

**Actual Result: streaming not working **

Expected result: being able to see my favorite shows in BRAVE BROWSER

Reproduces how often: every time

Operating System and Brave Version: Win11 and brave version 1.52.130 Chromium: 114.0.5735.198 (official) 64 bits

Additional Information: Other browser do work, but google browser doesn’t. Sorry for my english, im not a native speaker

Hi @Gecko welcome to Community.

We apologize for the disruptive experience you are having with Brave.
Could you kindly confirm if you are still having this issue if you have Brave shields enabled/disabled?

Hello @SaltyBanana, thanks I read some posts so I thought it would be the best way to resolve the problem than just trying in a luck shot .

I tried and I am still having this issue.

What happens? Does it show any errors? If so, can you copy/paste what it tells you?

Are you using VPN?

I’m not using VPN

Each streaming site has different codes (What is in Portuguese will be translated to English) :

code: fd6fOe51-3567-4aeO-e8c2-2292278f8b75

  • Prime Video

“Video unavailable
We’re having trouble playing this video. To get
assistance, go to

-disney +

“Something went wrong. Try again. If the problem persists, go to
Disney+ Help Center (error code 83).

  • Crunchyroll

“Oops! Something went wrong.
Try again.”


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Can you test in a different Brave profile?

They mentioned had tested in new profile and bunch of other steps in their original post.

@Gecko this is definitely interesting. Let me ask, do you have anything that you have changed in brave://flags by chance?

Also, if you don’t mind testing, could you download Brave Beta or Brave Nightly to see if you have the same issue there?

Just to be clear, you are saying Chrome doesn’t work either? Which browsers are you saying it works?

If you aren’t using VPN or proxy, only other thing I’m wondering is DNS. Definitely seems interesting as the errors all seem to relate to poor internet connection.

I haven’t changed nothing in brave://flags

Microsoft Edge works just fine and it works in firefox. Brave and Chrome dont.

I think my internet is good or atleast avarage:

So, I tried both beta and nightly, nothing has changed the same errors.

Then might seem to be a chromium issue?

Possibly a third-party causing it? Antivirus/AntiMalware software? Could test Brave on another computer on the same network

I have read some posts with the same problem, they said is something with chromium and widevine or playbackvideoquality, but the solutions dont work for me

Just Windows Defender and it doesn’t even show brave on the logs for problems or virus.
Another computer works.

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