Hay un problema

Que cuando usas el motor de búsqueda de google y buscas algo y te vas a imágenes no las deja abrir ni interactuar

@angel6 ,

Translation (thanks to deepl.com):

That when you use the google search engine and search for something and go to images it does not let you open or interact with them.

Probably related issue:

  • go to brave://flags

  • search for Enable De-AMP and select Disable

  • restart Brave

(@redbike9 spelled out those steps)

Related issue - confirmation of that fix:

@angel6 , Please edit the title (“Hay un problema”) of your Original Post (“OP”) above – changing your title to:

Hay un problema - images re Google Search

That would help other members of the Brave Community. Thanks.

(Eso ayudaría a otros miembros de la Comunidad Brave. Gracias. - Translation again thanks to deepl.com)

My experience: DuckDuckGo is my default search engine. It appears the problem to which I replied is entirely attributable to Brave’s new Enable De-AMP flag. Whether / how / if the De-AMP flag relates to tabs (the apparent subject of this thread) — I don’t know.

edit — Also my experience: I’m extremely cautious about toggling flags to other than the default. If you do change the Enable De-AMP flag (or any other flag), keep a record of your change(s) so you can later revert to the default.

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