Haven't received BAT for two months now

I’ve been getting ads and viewing some but my BAT remains at zero for the past two months. I’ve tried uninstalling the browser and reinstalling with no luck.


yep. they know about it and aren’t doing anything.

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that’s a shame. I was starting to really like this browser too.

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Not only is it still an on going issue, the BAT that I had accumulated disappeared and I’m not getting any further responses on the topic. I took a screen shot before it disappeared (and didn’t transfer), but nothing.

This month I’m expecting the same, I’ll take another screen shot, not that I’m expecting anything different.

Same here, didn’t get any for last month at all

Same happen to me. Stop receiving bat for sponsored images. Looks like something wrong with the algorithm …

The same is happening to me :frowning:

+1 …This feels like a scam! Received rewards for FEB 2021. Nothing for March or April. Everyone is being told to “be patient, buddy”. This is shameful.

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