Haven't received August month Rewards

From 1st of September it was showing your August month rewards will arrive soon Which was 10 BAT.
But after few days i.e. at the time when the rewards will arrive, it showed congrats your rewards have arrived.
But actually I haven’t received the rewards yet.

Please solve this problem.

Has happened to a lotta people. Had happened to me in the past, the rewards did arrive in the following month’s payout.
You can raise a ticket here →

NOTE - It could be a while till they get back to you since its a weekend now and they normally work from Monday to Friday

I haven’t received the August, 2022 Brave Reward. I have been using the Brave Browser for some time, and I usually get the payment on time.

The notification was given that the payment will be carried out. I expected it till the time when the payment is due. It only notified me again that, “Congrats, the payment as come”, while the notification disappeared without giving me any payment.

I need your support.

Happened to many people including me. I haven’t received it on one Device of mine. What I’m gonna do is wait till October payout and see if I receive it then. You can raise a ticket →

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