Havent been paid

hello i wanted to know why i havent paid for viewing the ads on brave… i have been verified on uphold and still havent received anything

Hi @renisanz,

Thanks for writing in. Here’s a link with answers to questions around payout - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

Ads earning will be paid to your brave://rewards wallet around 5th, every month.

yeah but its been 3 months and i havent gotten any payments

Hi there,

So I got paid based on what was seen on my mobile browser and not on my desktop. Since they both showed 2 different BAT values and i accepted the mobile first, it seems like the desktop amount didnt make it and seems to have completely disappeared. Also, just a point to note my Brave browsers are in sync via brave://sync .

Does anyone know how this can be fixed? or what steps to take?