Brave rewards not paying

Has the brave rewards system reduced how much it pays for viewing ads at any time in the last 5 months?

If so, please list when, and what the changers were.

If not, brave rewards is only paying out a small fraction of what it should be.

Please fix this problem.

Brave has a contractual obligation to pay rewards for viewing ads as described in the signup process.

Thanks in advance.

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There have been payment that were missed, and that have never been caught up.

Yeah… my mom had this problem where she earned 0 BAT over months.
While I have BAT that was paid 3 months ago, but not completely. Since then I’ve had a pretty good chunk of my BAT in limbo not going to my uphold. While it’s been about 15 days since my last response from the tech support moderator, although I posted the request 24 days ago.

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