Have BAT in wallet but can't tip!


I have 6 BAT in my wallet I want to tip or set monthly contribution to two different charities and when I press the TIP or SET MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION buttons, it says I have 0.00 Balance in my wallet - and says I have to add funds to Tip.

Please help?
I did not spend and I was waiting for the next month to TIP but I decided to do it today and it didn`t work.

*EDIT: Now (as seen on screenshot) balance is displayed (not 0.00 BAT anymore), but still can’t tip or send monthly contribution.


Can you share a screenshot for this? :point_up:

I have same problem, when send tip, bat amount not decrease for long time, and i open brave reward tab, my bat decrease but there was no tipping history. It said no activity for this month. And i close brave browser and open it again, my bat decrease again as same as amount that i tip before. And every time i reopen brave browser, my bat lost 1 by 1.
Fyi. My brave rewards wallet is not yet verified.
Maybe you can try like what i did in your side.
Thankyou @eljuno

Updated main post. Thank you for your qucick reply!

This issue was resolved on the third or 4th time I closed all tabs, closed browser, shut down computer and cleared cache. Thank you for your suggestion though! Have a great day,

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