Has anyone experienced any compatibility issues with Brave on their Intel Core i7 laptops?

Hey Brave community!

I recently upgraded to a new Intel Core i7 laptop and have been a dedicated user of Brave for quite some time. However, I’ve noticed some unexpected behavior and wanted to reach out to see if anyone else with an Intel Core i7 laptop has experienced similar compatibility issues.

The issues I’ve encountered include occasional crashes, slow page loading, and some unexpected freezing. I’ve made sure to keep my Brave browser up-to-date, and my laptop is running the latest OS updates.

Here are some additional details about my setup:

Operating System: Window 10

Brave version: 64 Bit

I’ve tried a few troubleshooting steps like clearing cache and disabling extensions, but the issues persist. Before I dive deeper into technical diagnostics, I thought I’d check with the community to see if anyone has faced similar challenges and if there are known solutions or workarounds.

If you’ve encountered compatibility issues with Brave on your Intel Core i7 laptop or have any insights, please share your experiences and any tips you might have. Additionally, if you need more details about my setup, feel free to ask.

Let’s collaborate to make sure our Brave browsing experience on Intel Core i7 laptops is as smooth as possible!


Can you be a bit more specific about the issues you’re encountering? How frequently do they occur? Can they be reproduced consistently on your end?

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