Problems with Brave Browser on Intel Evo Laptop - Seeking Assistance

Hello fellow forum members,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m encountering some difficulties with the Brave Browser on my Intel Evo laptop [] and I’m reaching out to seek help and advice from the knowledgeable individuals in this community.

To provide some context, I recently installed the Brave Browser on my Intel Evo laptop due to its reputation for speed, privacy, and security. However, I’ve been experiencing a few issues that have been hindering my browsing experience.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that the browser occasionally freezes or becomes unresponsive, especially when I have multiple tabs open or when I’m streaming media content. This not only disrupts my workflow but also affects my overall productivity.

Secondly, I’ve encountered compatibility issues with certain websites and web applications. Some websites fail to load properly or display distorted layouts, making it difficult for me to navigate and access the desired content. This has been particularly frustrating when I rely on these websites for work or personal activities.

Lastly, I have observed that the browser occasionally consumes a significant amount of system resources, causing my Intel Evo laptop to heat up and the battery life to drain faster than usual. This not only impacts the performance of the browser itself but also affects the overall efficiency and longevity of my laptop.

I have attempted to resolve these issues by updating the Brave Browser to the latest version and ensuring that my Intel Evo laptop has all the necessary software updates. However, the problems persist.

If any of you have encountered similar issues with the Brave Browser on an Intel Evo laptop or have any insights into resolving these problems, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Have you found any specific settings or configurations that can help mitigate these issues? Are there any known compatibility issues between the Brave Browser and Intel Evo laptops that I should be aware of?

Additionally, if you can recommend any alternative browsers that have proven to be reliable and perform optimally on Intel Evo laptops, I would be open to exploring those options as well.

Thank you in advance for your support and expertise. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and recommendations to enhance my browsing experience on my Intel Evo laptop.

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You may refer to this that might help fix this issue:

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