Happy, but I'd like to request a feature

Hi. I’ve been happy so far after some months using Brave, though there are some issues with specific sites disabling features due to the “Ad blocker”.

I would like to request a feature, however.

I currently have 8 tabs open and I would like to “snapshot” all open tabs, so I can quickly return to this state without having to bookmark and then reopen them all tabs individually later. Is this something already implemented (I can’t find it if so), or something which could be considered for inclusion in a future update? I don’t think any other browsers have this feature either…


All browsers have these two features (well, all the popular ones I’ve used).

First off, when you bookmark a group of tabs (save them in a “folder”), you can open them all in one action - no need to open each one individually. See the “Open all …” options on a right-click


Secondly, the preferred way for me, is to use this option (Continue where you left off) in Settings - when you quit the browser, it automagically saves the tab state, and when you fire up the browser the next time, it’ll open everything up as if you never left.