Bookmark All Tabs

Please add “Bookmark All Tabs” to the iOS version of the browser. There are multiple reasons to add the ability to save all open tabs:

  • Safari on iOS does not have this feature, so this feature adds value to using Brave instead of Safari
  • this is a pretty standard feature of browsers, at least on the desktop, so it would be good to have in terms of maintaining general feature parity
  • feature parity with the desktop version of Brave
  • I currently have 327 open tabs, and trying to process them all by opening them one at a time is beyond inefficient. There are things I want to keep among those tabs, so just closing them all is not a viable solution. Looking at a folder full of bookmarks would allow me to process them much faster.
  • with this many tabs, Brave starts to have difficulty remaining consistent: remembering which tab the user left off on, keeping the tabs in their original order, etc, so trying to go through them efficiently is made even more difficult.

This would be nice, but it should save in a folder automatically titled that days date, so it doesn’t muck things up.

And Safari has this feature now, one reason more for Brave to add this feature!

Seemingly, at least as of version 1.35.1, this feature has been added, but it’s a little
bit hidden. If you long-press on the Tabs button, a Save All Tabs option is now present. I’ve tried it, and it works.

Thanks! :smiley: