Grey overlay shade in some web pages

When I open some web pages, Brave creates a semi-transparent grey overlay shade over the entire page. The page is still legible, but there is no pop-up dialogue or anything that I could click to remove the shade. Any links on the page are underneath the shade and thus inaccessible. The page is still legible, but the shade is perhaps 50% opaque.

I found an earlier report of the problem where the person noted that this occurred with pages featuring a pop-up dialogue. But, using MS Edge browser, I could not detect any. Yet, there is some feature on the page that triggers this, as the issue occurs reliably and on some pages only.

The problem appeared a few days ago and affects both my laptop and smartphone (Android) browsers.

The link to the page is below (a Finnish newspaper):

Brave version 1.60.118, Chromium: 119.0.6045.163.

@fanboynz tagging you in on this. Seems to be one of those things where access to the page gets blocked until you accept cookies, but of course Brave is blocking the cookie notice. So it’s all grayed out and can’t interact with the page.

Quote support will be next release of Brave, so no need for these temp fixes.

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