says brave browser is not supported

disabling shields still shows this error

sorry, website name is

Full url, works fine by itself in Brave

@xdph make sure to check your settings. One of the primary things that make a big impact on things like this is making sure you have Aggressively Block Ads & Trackers set, rather than just “block ads & trackers.”

But beyond that, you can make sure to make sure your settings are as you see below:

Or for the Global defaults which takes you to brave://settings/shields:

And if you really want to try to make sure you’re not going to have many issues as you visit websites, you should try to make sure to activate some additional content filters. Go to Content Filtering which is also brave://settings/shields/filters


yes main page works but shortened urls linking to file doesnt… i temporarily used edge to fix the issue…site is not that i visit often

@Saoiray i’ll check these,thanks

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