Google's PageSpeed Insights tester throws error when run in Brave Browser


Google’s PageSpeed Insights tester throws this error in Brave Browser (but in no other browsers!) when any URL is submitted for testing (and the test cannot begin as a result):

The referrer does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key. Please use the API Console to update your key restrictions.

At first, I thought this was a problem with my site, which has never received that error message when submitted to PageSpeed Insights. So, I ran PageSpeed Insights back on Chrome and Firefox, and it worked as it always does. I then Googled the error message and found that others had received the error when running the tester on Brave. So, it seems to be browser-specific. Could you please look into this? Developers use PageSpeed Insights a lot to test the integrity of their sites, and they apparently may not use it on Brave.

Many thanks!

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Hi @BraveTom,
It looks like Brave is blocking a tracker somewhere in the process which is causing the error. If you allow ads/tracking (or drop Shields), the site functions as normal.
That said, the site works flawlessly with Shields up on both Beta and Developer channle releases, so its likely that we’ve already (inadvertently) implemented a fix for this. It’ll just take a bit to propagate down to Release channel.

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Thanks for checking on that & confirming it + letting me know it’s been fixed going forward. After I posted the message, I tried to run the Lighthouse Auditor in the developer’s tools (the sole auditor in the “Audits” category), and it locked up when I started the process. Is this caused similarly & has it likewise been fixed in the upcoming beta?

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Looking into this, appreciate your patience.

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